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My Services

I offer my services on various levels, all charged by the hour:  


1. For consulting work, I advise you as you handle your own matter, as you are deciding how to proceed, or while you are in mediation.


2. When I work as a mediator, I do not represent either party. Instead, I am a neutral third party who works to facilitate an agreement between the parties, including doing the court paperwork and final order.


3. In the litigated case, I represent you in court, I prepare your documents, and I work to negotiate a settlement. 


4. In the limited scope case, I do only those things we agree I will do.



The initial consultation

The initial consultation usually lasts one hour. During our conversation, I will explore what your goals are, explain the law to you, and help you map out a strategy to attain your goals. Or, if your goals are not attainable, I will discuss that with you frankly, and we will talk about other options. Importantly, we will explore what legal avenues are best for your case. I will explain the mediation process, litigation, "self-help," consultation, and collaborative law. My goal is to help you decide what process is best for your circumstances, including referring you to other resources or professionals if that is indicated in your case. I will give you a lot of information in our meeting, which is more than just a "meet and greet" so that I can quote you a retainer. Instead, I will analyze your case with your best interests in mind, and if that does not include retaining me, you will have a plan on how to proceed. I charge $250 for the initial consultation. If you are interested in mediation, please schedule the first meeting for you and your partner together.




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